5 Common Winter Roof Problems in Norfolk

winter roof problems in Norfolk

As our homes face strong snowstorms, frigid drafts find their way through gaps and cracks, creating a chilly indoor environment. How can homeowners endure the winter season while maintaining comfort and coziness? Having a well-thought-out plan is crucial. Begin by identifying warning signs such as drafts, unusually high heating bills, or ice accumulation on roofs. Regularly checking for these indicators can proactively address potential problems and ensure a well-insulated home throughout the cold season. Here are five suggestions to help safeguard your home as winter unfolds.

winter roof problems, winter roof damage in Norfolk

Ice Dams 

Norfolk frequently encounters a winter challenge in the form of ice dams. These dams develop when snow on the roof melts, often caused by interior heat escaping, and then refreezes near the eaves. This process creates a barrier that hinders the drainage of melting snow from the roof. The trapped water poses a risk of seeping beneath shingles, potentially causing leaks and damage to your home’s interior.

To prevent the formation of ice dams, it is essential to ensure proper insulation and ventilation in your attic, maintaining a consistently cold roof. Additionally, sealing any gaps or air leaks in the attic can minimize heat loss. 

Clogged Gutters

Throughout the winter season, blocked gutters pose a significant issue. Debris from autumn accumulates, forming ice dams that obstruct water flow and lead to leaks. The trapped water has the potential to harm ceilings, and walls, and compromise the structure of your roof. It is essential to conduct regular cleanings before winter and after storms to mitigate these risks. Installing gutter guards is a wise consideration to prevent the buildup of debris. These simple measures act as a protective shield for your roof, helping homeowners prevent the damaging effects of gutter clogs during the winter, ensuring a safer and more robust roof.

winter roof damage in Norfolk

Roof Snow Accumulation

Accumulated snow on your roof can result in structural damage and possible leaks due to the added weight on your home. To prevent this, it’s important to remove excess snow from your roof. A roof rake, a specialized long-handled tool, is designed for this purpose. Safely and gently pull the snow off the roof while standing on the ground to avoid potential injury. Exercise caution to prevent any damage to the roof’s surface during the process. Additionally, clearing snow from the eaves and gutters is advisable to prevent the formation of ice dams.


These beautiful ice formations are a familiar sight in wintry landscapes, but beneath their charm lies the potential for damage. As these formations grow in size and weight, they can become a hazard if they break loose and fall, posing a threat to people and property below. Inadequate insulation and ventilation in the attic can contribute to the issue by allowing warm air to escape, leading to the melting of snow on the roof. Ensuring proper insulation and ventilation in the attic helps maintain a more consistent temperature. If icicles have already formed, it is recommended to carefully remove them using a roof rake while standing at a safe distance.

Roof Leaks

The interplay of ice dams, snow buildup, and the freeze-thaw cycle can readily lead to a roof leak. It is vital to promptly identify and address the underlying causes. Regular roof inspections and maintenance are equally crucial. Should you discover a roof leak, it is advisable to seek guidance and professional assistance from Roof Artistry.

Winter presents a wonderful opportunity to explore the beauty of Norfolk and appreciate the season. Don’t let roof maintenance consume your valuable time when you could be enjoying winter activities. Utilize the tips mentioned above to effectively prepare for the cold, snow, and ice, ensuring a cozy home after a day of adventures.

Should you require assistance with your roof in the winter season or have concerns about its integrity, feel free to reach out to Roof Artistry for professional guidance. We anticipate the opportunity to assist you!


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